My real name is Pierre-Luc Poliquin. The name peerluk came from how it sounds when English speaking people try to pronounce my first name without being aware it is a french name.
Yes French name because I’m french Canadian. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Canada is bilingual, french and english. The province of Quebec speaks mostly french, so there it is.
I truly learned English because of work when I was 26.
I speak English on stream instead of french for one simple reason, reach.
I could have never reached to the people of Sweden, United States or Turkey if I was only speaking french on stream.
But of course I will always answer to my french friends, toujours.

The first system I ever played was the Commodore 64. I was very young.
Our neighbour back then was an electronic engineer. He showed my father that cool system called the Commodore 64. Running on audio cassette at first then on floppy disk eventually.
I was lucky enough to be exposed by my father to technologies at a very young age. It then transpired in later life.
I used to be told when to let go of the computer. I hated it.
Today I play when I want. I play a lot. That’s basically why I stream.


I will always play mostly anything. I would define myself as a variety streamer.
I usually start the stream with a Battle Royale, like PUBG or Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and end with a campaign game Assassin’s Creed or Marvel Spiderman.
I don’t mind playing on console. I played a lot of games with a controller and at times I prefer them. I’m a gamer, no matter what kind.

I’m still new to streaming but I want to succeed. Join us into the best streaming experience possible. Best because you will make it so.
A follow is nice, a sub makes me stream a lot more. All support is extremely appreciated.




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